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Commercial Fishery

Selcom Marine is an expert in state-of-the-art and highly reliable marine electronics that withstand the harshest of conditions and keep vessels operative 24/7.

We have deep knowledge related to markets and all the tools needed for the successful fishing of specific species, we are aware of the local demands and expectations, a always strive to meet them on a daily basis.

Our wide range of carefully selected products and services covers navigation and communication, fish detection, fish finding (sonars), and catch control systems for small and mid-sized vessels right up to the largest fishing vessels worldwide.

Selcom Marine has been the partner of choice for various new-builds throughout the years and a trusted partner for large fishing companies worldwide in terms of service, repair, and retrofit.


As a comprehensive marine solution provider, Selcom Marine is modernizing the commercial fishery industry. We hold a track record of robust and long-lasting relationships with skippers and shipping companies in the fishery market to provide efficient and constant support when they require investment in new vessels.

Selcom Marine enables fishery intelligence on waterways and provides the most innovative, sustainable, efficient, and flexible products. We also hold the required expertise and know-how when it comes to navigation, communication equipment, and advanced sonar and net monitoring equipment.

Our account managers are here to always make sure to keep lives safe at sea wherever you are and offer you the right advice about the equipment for your newbuilding project.


Do you have a question about a product or a service? Our customer service team works around the clock to assist you with all your needs. Get in touch with us today!


Selcom Marine has made a significant contribution to the marine industry. The revolutionized Chirp Technology solutions continually improve maritime safety by enabling fishermen to determine the depth, size, and species of the fish. It also exceptionally enhances the echosounder’s resolution, offering a clearer depiction of targets on screen.

The Chirp Technology improves bottom tracking with increased speed and deeper depths with 5 to 10 times better detail and resolution, thus helping identify clearly individual baitfish, game fish and underwater structures.


Selcom Marine is a major and reliable supplier of modern maritime solutions with a sharp focus on quality and the highest technology tailored to meet all demands. We have an unsurpassed global network with representatives in major countries all over the world.

Our professional team of expert technicians and engineers have deep expertise in maritime electronics, such as VHF transceivers, VSAT terminals, echosounders, and multibeam sonars.

We never compromise with the quality of solutions and strive to always strengthen our core pillars centered on innovation, internationalization and enhanced flexibility.