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Deepsea Shipping


Selcom Marine fulfills its commitment to protect both people and property, maintaining a safe and healthy environment for all. Our years of market experience allow us to support our customers in efficiently operating safer ships.

We pride ourselves on our professional team which has extensive years of working with various Shipping lines and the ability to integrate numerous equipment types into one complete system.

We comply with all relevant environmental legislation to guarantee flawless operations and advise on the optimization of onboard electronic infrastructure to constantly keep up with the latest innovations in the market.

Commercial Fishery

Selcom Marine is an expert in state-of-the-art and highly reliable marine electronics that withstand the harshest of conditions and keep vessels operative 24/7.

We have deep knowledge related to markets and all the tools needed for the successful fishing of specific species, we are aware of the local demands and expectations, a always strive to meet them on a daily basis.

Our wide range of carefully selected products and services covers navigation and communication, fish detection, fish finding (sonars), and catch control systems for small and mid-sized vessels right up to the largest fishing vessels worldwide.

Selcom Marine has been the partner of choice for various new-builds throughout the years and a trusted partner for large fishing companies worldwide in terms of service, repair, and retrofit.


Selcom Marine has made a significant contribution to the marine industry. The revolutionized Chirp Technology solutions continually improve maritime safety by enabling fishermen to determine the depth, size, and species of the fish. It also exceptionally enhances the echosounder’s resolution, offering a clearer depiction of targets on screen.

The Chirp Technology improves bottom tracking with increased speed and deeper depths with 5 to 10 times better detail and resolution, thus helping identify clearly individual baitfish, game fish and underwater structures.



Selcom Marine provides professional and extensive support backed by its extensive yacht industry knowledge and the ability to clearly understand the requirements and needs of owners, captains, and the crew. Backed by our global network, OEM partnerships, and remote support technologies, we support Superyacht operators by offering revolutionized and best-in-class electronic packages. Our prime positioning has enabled us to acquire a deep understanding and reliance on the maritime sector to assist yacht owners through different lifecycle stages.

Our services cover yacht owners or yacht managers who operate yachts in the 24m+ category, who are considering investing in ultra-modern electronics packages, and who want to rely on a global service network to support their vessel’s operations in all environments.

Governments & Ports


Selcom Marine is a leading provider of maritime solutions to governments and organizations being strategically located in the most crowded ports of the world. We offer continuous quality support from our local offices to port authorities in terms of maritime traffic control and coastal surveillance for expanded reach, accelerated growth, and unshakable security.

We equip and maintain the navigation and communication equipment of the vessels of port operators in a fast-evolving environment for improved port operations and increased efficiency. By combining in-depth knowledge of maritime ecosystems with a pragmatic, analytical approach, we ensure maximized productivity of operations, swift vessel handling, and the highest quality of standards.


Ensuring navigational safety and mitigating maritime traffic risks like collisions, inefficient berthing services, congestion problems, complex maritime transport for passengers and goods, extreme weather conditions, and safety situations, are nowadays some of the many challenges faced by ports and harbors.

Safety of ships is of major importance when approaching a port and berthing at a terminal. Selcom Marine offers you technologypowered tools that can be seamlessly integrated to improve the safety of port operations. Our advanced Vessel Traffic Management System ensures the safety of vessels and infrastructure by fostering safe, efficient vessel movement, recording or replaying past events, and tracking weather forecasts in real-time.

We provide assistance to port authorities in choosing their Marine Traffic Control starting from design to system commissioning and after-sales support.


Coastal Surveillance is critical for government authorities and it is pivotal to ensure the security of coastlines and territorial waters through future-proof and turnkey coastal surveillance solutions curated to contribute to the safety of life at sea and the protection of the marine environment. This is made possible through real-time, reliable, and intelligent information for better decision-making. The installation of Coastal Surveillance Systems based on cutting-edge software and equipment with advanced features through the integration of navigation, communication, IT systems and software, helps keep a diligent eye on the shorelines and control coastal waterways and coastal onshore regions.

The Coastal Surveillance System ensures complete control with accurate detection, and complete shore-based situational awareness, to instantly prevent all illegal activities and protect lives at sea, the environment, and critical onshore infrastructure from intruders. Selcom Marine offers assistance for governments in choosing their Coastal Surveillance Systems starting from design to system commissioning and after-sales support.

Offshore Platforms


Combining years of offshore experience and field-proven excellence, Selcom Marine delivers solutions for the most complex challenges.

With a supreme and unsurpassed global service network and flying squads of certified offshore Service Engineers, Selcom Marine mobilizes its resources to offer practical solutions that move the sector forward with reliability and efficiency.

We assist our customers in maintaining compliance, lowering lifecycle costs, successfully meeting operational budgets, driving informed decisions, and providing deliverable solutions in real-time.


Selcom Marine’s Service Engineers with offshore operational and delivery experience are highly trained to meet the most critical and pressing demands of the offshore industry. We also hold an updated registry in various certification systems.

Dredging & Construction

Selcom Marine is an independent supplier hosting deep knowledge and decades of expertise in all necessary marine electronics for the Dredging & Construction sector in terms of newbuilds, maintenance, repair, and retrofits.

We host the equipment and experienced team to plan and execute curated solutions that move the sector forward – from navigation and communication systems to airtime solutions and Onboard IT Solutions.

Our track record of successful performance speaks for itself; we are the partner of choice for major players in dredging and heavy lifting and we continue to offer them constant support through service contracts or on-demand service support.


Selcom Marine offers cold/warm ship lay-up solutions by trained professionals and will take utmost care of your vessel during all stages to ensure optimal performance and prepare it for the next project or mission.

Tugs & Workboats

Selcom Marine is an independent supplier hosting deep knowledge and decades of expertise in all necessary marine electronics for the Tugs & Workboats sector in terms of newbuilds, maintenance, repair, and retrofits.

The tug and workboat fleet requires high-quality, advanced equipment to ensure reliable and sale operations at all times. Selcom Marine supplies navigation, communication, and observation systems for numerous standardized vessels and specials and provides its exceptional expertise for navigation and communication systems in ports and throughout the primary shipping routes via a global network of service stations.

Selcom Marine guarantees the highest levels of safety and offers curated solutions in accordance with all present regulations as well as any other specific requirements from yards and owners. We offer unparalleled reliability fused with superior quality to guarantee a longer lifespan, high performance, and the best possible value. Our hyper-advanced solutions cover augmented reality, integrated ECS and entertainment systems, compact integrated navigation systems, and communication systems. We ensure lower maintenance needs, exceptional reliability, and reduced operational costs.


The naval and coastguard segments are now more than ever at the front line of security and they require the ability to accomplish all their assigned tasks even under the most severe conditions (weather, day or night, worldwide).

Selcom Marine is a leading defense contractor listed in numerous countries offering highly tailored solutions that impressively balance reliability, performance, sustainability, security, and technology. We are dedicated to offering a carefully curated selection of navigation and communication systems that provide added value and meet mission-critical military requirements.

The ocean is filled with unforeseen challenges for all naval operations and we want to ensure operational readiness in all environments and cases – our unique products and services include frigates, corvettes, landing crafts, patrol boats, fast attack crafts, interceptors, and even unmanned platforms.


Selcom Marine provides a carefully curated selection of premium-quality products that are safe, sustainable, and manufactured by world-class electronic manufacturers to bring added flexibility and efficiency to your operations.

As an independent supplier, we offer a competitive and state-of-the-art product range that enables us to offer highly customized solutions. We are committed to providing the fastest and most reliable communication, navigation equipment, and all electronic equipment that is necessary for maritime operations to unleash the power of connectivity and maritime communication.


Do you have a question about a product or a service? Our customer service team works around the clock to assist you with all your needs. Get in touch with us today!


Hosting a skilled and specialized team of global experts and a common target to become the preferred reference company, Selcom Marine ensures that its team of technicians is always upto-date with the newest market developments and all international regulations through ongoing training programs. Our dynamic team has extensive real-world experience with an impressive portfolio of advanced capacities, thus offering the right blend of skills and risk management to solve the most complex maritime challenges and offer our clients optimal value at all stages.


Selcom Marine provides Maintenance and Remote Support Agreements to boost the profitability of planning and maintenance and offer peace-of-mind solutions. We tailor our service agreements that revolve around the integration of on-board maintenance and remote support to help you efficiently optimize your daily operational costs and budget reliability of preventive and conditioned-based maintenance, and ensure your equipment is fully functional at all times and in all conditions. Our service agreements are all backed by the expertise of our world-class team, the latest in operational know-how, and expert insights.