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Deepsea Shipping


Selcom Marine fulfills its commitment to protect both people and property, maintaining a safe and healthy environment for all. Our years of market experience allow us to support our customers in efficiently operating safer ships.

We pride ourselves on our professional team which has extensive years of working with various Shipping lines and the ability to integrate numerous equipment types into one complete system.

We comply with all relevant environmental legislation to guarantee flawless operations and advise on the optimization of onboard electronic infrastructure to constantly keep up with the latest innovations in the market.


Selcom Marine provides a carefully curated selection of premium-quality products that are safe, sustainable, and manufactured by world-class electronic manufacturers to bring added flexibility and efficiency to your operations.

As an independent supplier, we offer a competitive and state-of-the-art product range that enables us to offer highly customized solutions. We are committed to providing the fastest and most reliable communication, navigation equipment, and all electronic equipment that is necessary for maritime operations to unleash the power of connectivity and maritime communication.


Do you have a question about a product or a service? Our customer service team works around the clock to assist you with all your needs. Get in touch with us today!


Hosting a skilled and specialized team of global experts and a common target to become the preferred reference company, Selcom Marine ensures that its team of technicians is always upto-date with the newest market developments and all international regulations through ongoing training programs. Our dynamic team has extensive real-world experience with an impressive portfolio of advanced capacities, thus offering the right blend of skills and risk management to solve the most complex maritime challenges and offer our clients optimal value at all stages.


Selcom Marine provides Maintenance and Remote Support Agreements to boost the profitability of planning and maintenance and offer peace-of-mind solutions. We tailor our service agreements that revolve around the integration of on-board maintenance and remote support to help you efficiently optimize your daily operational costs and budget reliability of preventive and conditioned-based maintenance, and ensure your equipment is fully functional at all times and in all conditions. Our service agreements are all backed by the expertise of our world-class team, the latest in operational know-how, and expert insights.