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Governments & Ports


Selcom Marine is a leading provider of maritime solutions to governments and organizations being strategically located in the most crowded ports of the world. We offer continuous quality support from our local offices to port authorities in terms of maritime traffic control and coastal surveillance for expanded reach, accelerated growth, and unshakable security.

We equip and maintain the navigation and communication equipment of the vessels of port operators in a fast-evolving environment for improved port operations and increased efficiency. By combining in-depth knowledge of maritime ecosystems with a pragmatic, analytical approach, we ensure maximized productivity of operations, swift vessel handling, and the highest quality of standards.


Ensuring navigational safety and mitigating maritime traffic risks like collisions, inefficient berthing services, congestion problems, complex maritime transport for passengers and goods, extreme weather conditions, and safety situations, are nowadays some of the many challenges faced by ports and harbors.

Safety of ships is of major importance when approaching a port and berthing at a terminal. Selcom Marine offers you technologypowered tools that can be seamlessly integrated to improve the safety of port operations. Our advanced Vessel Traffic Management System ensures the safety of vessels and infrastructure by fostering safe, efficient vessel movement, recording or replaying past events, and tracking weather forecasts in real-time.

We provide assistance to port authorities in choosing their Marine Traffic Control starting from design to system commissioning and after-sales support.


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Coastal Surveillance is critical for government authorities and it is pivotal to ensure the security of coastlines and territorial waters through future-proof and turnkey coastal surveillance solutions curated to contribute to the safety of life at sea and the protection of the marine environment. This is made possible through real-time, reliable, and intelligent information for better decision-making. The installation of Coastal Surveillance Systems based on cutting-edge software and equipment with advanced features through the integration of navigation, communication, IT systems and software, helps keep a diligent eye on the shorelines and control coastal waterways and coastal onshore regions.

The Coastal Surveillance System ensures complete control with accurate detection, and complete shore-based situational awareness, to instantly prevent all illegal activities and protect lives at sea, the environment, and critical onshore infrastructure from intruders. Selcom Marine offers assistance for governments in choosing their Coastal Surveillance Systems starting from design to system commissioning and after-sales support.


We strive to provide the most innovative technology products with less downtime to help you continuously optimize environmental and economic performance. Offering high-quality and reliable state-ofthe-art products from leading and reputable brands such as Furuno, Cobham, Jotron, amongst many others in addition to a skilled team of professional technicians, positions us as a trusted leader. We help you unlock value and achieve long-term interest and keep your equipment operating at optimal performance through our stock of spare parts, curated service contracts, and remote maintenance.