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Navy & Coastguard


The naval and coastguard segments are now more than ever at the front line of security and they require the ability to accomplish all their assigned tasks even under the most severe conditions (weather, day or night, worldwide).

Selcom Marine is a leading defense contractor listed in numerous countries offering highly tailored solutions that impressively balance reliability, performance, sustainability, security, and technology. We are dedicated to offering a carefully curated selection of navigation and communication systems that provide added value and meet mission-critical military requirements.

The ocean is filled with unforeseen challenges for all naval operations and we want to ensure operational readiness in all environments and cases – our unique products and services include frigates, corvettes, landing crafts, patrol boats, fast attack crafts, interceptors, and even unmanned platforms.


Selcom Marine offers the latest, technology-backed, quality products engineered to extraordinarily meet all sorts of demands, from world-class and leading manufacturers all over the world.

As an independent supplier, we provide customized solutions that cater to the distinctive and critical requirements of naval missions and Coast Guard operations, all with respect to different legislative environments.


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We strive to provide the most innovative technology products with less downtime to help you continuously optimize environmental and economic performance. Offering high-quality and reliable state-of-the-art products from leading and reputable brands such as Furuno, Cobham, Jotron, amongst many others in addition to a skilled team of professional technicians, positions us as a trusted leader. We help you unlock value and achieve longterm interest and keep your equipment operating at optimal performance through our stock of spare parts, curated service contracts, and remote maintenance.